Our Services

Corporate  Training

We provides both in-house and public workshops to :

general public, organisations, 

training institutions,

social enterprises, charities, non-profit as well as volunteer organisations.

Our training includes:

* Book Keeping

* Accounting

* Financial Management

* Sales & Marketing

* Customer Service

* Business Development

* Business Expansion 

* Leadership

* Motivation

* Soft skills

* QuickBooks Accounting     Software 

  Business Consulting

Smart Skill Consulting share fundamental ideologies and values- to help our clients develop deeper roots and become S.M.A.R.T in their respective industries as well as individuals. Smart Skill Consulting is both a business as well as individual consultancy that works with organisations and individuals to implement change through its proven methodologies.

At Smart Skill,we understand the challenges and nuances in organisation development and partner our clients in the quest for breakthrough performance. Our consultancy services includes areas such as:

Book Keeping, Accounting and Tax Planning,

Business Financial Strategy,

Financial Planning & Management,

Retirement Planning & Insurance

Succession Planning

Career Coaching, Planning and Charting

Sales and Marketing,

Business Development and Regional Expansion,

Human Resource Management,

Learning and Performance Development,

  Financial Planning & Advisory

Financial & Retirement planning isn't easy.

You may have million and one questions left unanswered about how to retire comfortably.

* What are the key concerns for Singaporean when it come to Financial and Retirement Planning?

* What are the latest updates to CPF Minimum Sum, CPF Life & CPF Medishield Life?   

   - How it will impact you and complement your Retirement Funding?

* How to protect your Retirement Funding from inflation and risk?

* How to better utilize your CPF Medisave?

* What are the Healthcare insurance available?

* What are Tax-saving strategies via SRS for Retirement Planning?

* What is the necessary insurance cover to protect loved ones and family?


We provides detailed professional financial planning, retirement planning, healthcare and life insurance planning and services to individuals as well as organisations. Our certified financial planners represent one of the largest life and general insurance company in Singapore and the region

Our dedicated and experience members provides

* Book Keeping, Accounting,

* GST computations, Tax computation (both Individual and corporate),

* GST and Tax submission for our clients

We are a Certified ProAdvisor of QuickBooks online accounting software.

  Accounting and Bookkeeping 
Corporate Tax & GST Services

Enhancing lifelong skills by Smart Skill Training & Consulting